Link It!

About the Book

Link It! was released in October, 2008. A Lark Jewelry Book, Link It! features twenty-two projects using anodized aluminum jump rings and rubber o-rings.

This new technique I designed manipulates the circular shape of the rubber o-ring that is then woven and cold connected to create bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

All the projects are built from one of three basic elements. The basic element is combined into units, and the units are connected with jump rings.

Chainmail artisans have used common sizes of o-rings for a very long time, but Link It! will illustrate techniques that incorporate unusual sizes (rubber o-rings are listed by their OD first) such as 15mm, 9mm, 7mm, and 4.8(5)mm along with the more common 12mm and 10mm o-rings.

The colorful, flexible designs are appealing to all ages, men and women alike. Pre-order your book now!

Three major suppliers have made understanding the sizes you need for each project easy to understand. Check them out and begin making your own stretchable jewelry.
You’ll find aluminum jump rings and rubber o-rings at:

You’ll find all the rubber o-ring sizes at:


You MUST check out the fabulous rubber o-ring colors that Yvonne has on her web site. She also carries tons of great elements for jewelry design.

Heather carries beautiful glass beads thatI use in several of my designs.

Here’s a great place to buy all your “Link It!” o-ring jewelry needs with great customer service. Keep an eye out for Rebeca’s chain mail book soon to be released.

Some help with ring sizes and ring count for the projects in Link It!

The rubber rings in the book are listed by the outer diameter (OD) in mm. When purchasing on, they are listed by the first listed measurement. Type rubber rings in the product search to find the rings. and will soon carry all the sizes of rubber rings needed for every project in Link It!

If you buy rubber rings from a chain mail site use the following guidelines:
5/16inch, 16g = 12mm
1/4inch, 16g = 10mm
7/64inch, 20g = 4.8(5)mm now list the 4.8mm as 5mm. They are the same.

Rubber O-Rings
Number of Projects using the following sizes.

15mm – 14 projects
12mm – 12 projects
10mm – 2 projects
9mm – 3 projects
7mm – 21 projects
4.8-5mm – 4 projects

Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings
Number of projects using the following sizes.

5/32inch, 18g – 2 projects
1/4inch, 16g – 7 projects
1/4 inch, 14g – 1 project
3/16inch, 16g – 14 projects
3/16inch, 18g – 6 projects
3/8inch, 16g – 1 project
3/8inch, 14g – 3 projects